Thayer County

 District Court

Stacey McLaughlin

Deputy Clerk

Andrea Kriesel

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
7:30am - 4:30pm
PHONE: (402)-768-6116
FAX: (402)-768-6128


The Thayer County Clerk of the District Court is an elected office. The term of the office is four years. In addition to being the Administrative Office of the Court, the Clerks of the District Courts are responsible for maintaining the records of criminal and civil cases, preparing Court dockets, and processing judgments. The District Court Clerk also serves as a passport agent and ex-officio jury commissioner for the county.

Duties of the District Court

  • Record Court proceedings
  • Issue writs and orders
  • File and preserve all papers delivered to the Court
  • Certification / Authentication of Court filings
  • Make entry of return for every summons, subpoena, and order served
  • Keep the records pertaining to the Court
  • Track all Court costs, fees, fines, restitution, and judgments ordered in each case
  • Protection Order forms


What you need to apply for a passport:
  • UPDATE: Many Countries require 3 - 6 months validity before entering their Country. Be sure to check your passports expiration date.
  • - Application from Passport Acceptance Office or on the Internet
  • - One passport picture sized to the U.S. Department of State Size and Specifications
  • - Proof of Citizenship (birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or previous adult passport)
  • - Proof of Identity (driver's license or parent's driver's license for ages under 16)
  • - REMINDER: Processing time for a routine passport is 10 - 12 weeks. The processing time for expedited service, which is an additional fee of $60.00, is 4 - 6 weeks
  • - To find applications for passports go to
Department of State Travel Webpage Certified Birth Certificate


Contact Us

  • Thayer County District Court


  • 225 N. 4th St.
  • Room 302
  • Hebron, NE. 68370

  • PHONE: (402)-768-6116
  • FAX: (402)-768-6128

  • Office Hours: Monday - Friday