The County Clerk’s Office is the records keeper for Thayer County. The Clerk’s Office is the hub of all offices and the place residents from our County and State look to for information. The County Clerk is the secretary for both the County Board of Equalization, and the County Commissioners

The County Clerk attends all meetings and records all the proceedings for both boards. The Clerk’s Office files all miscellaneous proofs of publications, pays all claims, handles all insurance claims and employee records. This office also issues marriage licenses.  To get a marriage license, please contact the Clerk’s office for available times.  Marriage licenses are only issued from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday – Friday.

Deputy Clerk
Office Clerk
Office Hours

Monday – Friday
7:30 AM – 4:30PM


Phone: 402-768-6126
Fax: 402-768-2129

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Thayer County Register of Deeds

The register of deeds is responsible for the custody and safe keeping of all books, records, maps, and papers kept or deposited in his or her office.

The register of deeds must record or cause to be recorded all documents presented to him or her for recording. Every deed recorded must be recorded in the order and at the time of delivery to the register of deeds.

The register of deeds may not record plats and subdivisions unless they have been approved by the proper authority.

The register or deeds must endorse every instrument filed for record with the year, month, day, hour, and minute. This information, along with the book and page or computer system where the document can be found, must also be entered in the proper indexes for later reference.