Zoning & Planning

The Zoning and Planning Department is responsible for coordinating the physical development of Thayer County. We are available to assist the public in obtaining information regarding use and development of land in the county and to review development plans for conformance with the county’s ordinance and development regulations.

The Zoning and Planning Department is responsible for the daily interpretation of the zoning laws. It is our intention to provide consistent interpretations and non-prejudicial decisions. While every jurisdiction’s zoning code attempts to be crystal clear on every conceivable application, the reality is that we encounter new uses and questions never thought imaginable daily in the County Zoning Department.

Colt Farringer

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
7:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Office: 402-768-2180
Cell: 402-971-9480

Zoning Services

Thayer County GIS
Zoning Application
County Zoning Regulations
Application for Conditional Use
Certificate of Compliance
Grain Bin Permit
Subdivision Application
Variance Application