County Commissioners

The County Commissioners are elected officials from Thayer County who are charged with administering the County Government. Thayer County has three (3) elected Commissioners. The Commissioners serve a four (4) year term. The Commissioners act as the executive branch of the local government, levies local taxes, administers county governmental services such as the local jails and courts, administers public health oversight, property registration, and public works such as the Roads Department.

The commissioners are also charged with budgeting and appropriations of funds for county activities. The County Commissioners are authorized by law and required to make policies for Thayer County. When required, the County Board sits as a Board of Equalization regarding property assessments


Dean Krueger


Marlin Bauhard


225 N. 4th St. Rm 201
Hebron, NE




The County Commissioners meet frequently throughout the year. The meetings are open to the public and are conducted according to Nebraska’s Open Meeting Act.

To do business with the commissioners you must contact the clerk’s office no later than 24 hours prior to the beginning of the meeting to be added to the agenda. The commissioners can only conduct business on items listed in the public agenda.